AdBlue optimization

Get rid of the problems of performance loss for your truck.


With AdBlue boxes you don't have to refill with AdBlue

Our AdBlue boxes are installed in your truck. This box deactivates the AdBlue system's functions which results in a less problematic SCR system functionality. This means you no longer have to refill with AdBlue liquid or see reduced performance of the truck when you run out of AdBlue in places where refill is not available. The box unit is a quick and simple installation process and takes about an hour to do. When you no longer use the truck, the SCR system can be easily reset to its default settings before the truck is sold and you can move the box to another truck.


Note: These boxes are not allowed for use on public roads in Sweden, where you will have to accept the performance reduction or simply refill with AdBlue.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a product/liquid that is used in diesel vehicles that has an exhaust purification system with SCR technique. Today, this technique is available in almost all private and commercial heavy vehicles with diesel engines. The name AdBlue is a bit decieving as the liquid is colorless and contains a mix of purified water and 32.5% urea. It's non-toxic and harmless to handle.

SCR and the problems with AdBlue

SCR stands for "Selective Catalytic Reduction". In short, this technique cleans the exhaust from diesel engines but for this process to work properly, it requires the injection of AdBlue into the exhaust system. There is a problem with this however. When running out of AdBlue, the truck will run on reduced effect which add to harmful exhaust pollutants. Obviously, this becomes a problem when driving in areas where AdBlue isn't available. Another problem is that AdBlue freezes at -11 °C which can case problems in the SCR system during winter time when the exhaust gas temperature is an important factor for the overall function and performance. This can lead to the destruction of the SCR system which then has to be replaced, a costly reparation that can cost between 50.000–70.000 SEK. By installing our box and optimizing it you can be sure to avoid these problems.

Benefits with the AdBlue box

  • You don't have to spend 50.000 upwards on a broken SCR system.

  • Constant refill of AdBlue is no longer necessary

  • You avoid reduced performance with absence of AdBlue

  • The SCR system can be fully reset before selling the truck

  • The box can be easily moved to another truck

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